tirsdag 17. november 2015

Closing shop

As you can see, not many updates have been made the past few years. I don't have much time to watch my trailer compilations, let alone gather info and put it up here. So... I'm closing the site. Or, I'm not updating anymore. Everything will be left up as long as Blogspot allows, which will be forever I'm guessing.

It's been fun for the 8 years I've been running the site! So long, and thanks for all the fish!

fredag 16. januar 2015

Prevues of Coming Attractions episodes is back online

All episodes of POCA are now online. Files are hosted by Mega.co.nz Hopefully the site stays open, and don't belly up like Megaupload did back in the days.

Episodes can be found here. DVDs are coming soon.

Update: DVDs can be found here. I'm not sure how much bandwith my free account has, so it could be that the files are not available at moments. We'll see...