onsdag 14. august 2013

After Judgement Day Comicbook teasertrailer

A little plug for my upcoming post-apocalyptic comicbook "After Judgement Day" ("Etter Dommedag"). It's a timelapse of the creation of one of the pages from the series. On this page you'll see the villain, Odin. Hope you like it!

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Trailer War (DVD+BD+DD)

Released by: Drafthouse Films
Release date: December, 2012

Duration: 113 minutes

Video: 2.39:1/1.85:1/letterboxed, colour
Audio: 2.0 Mono, English, Spanish, French
Subtitles: none

  • DVD: 0 (NTSC)
  • BD: Regionfree
  • DD: 720p/H.264/.mp4
  1. Stunt Rock
  2. Argoman The Fantastic Superman
  3. Inframan
  4. Voyage Of The Rock Aliens
  5. Starcrash
  6. The Dungeonmaster
  7. Animal Protector
  8. Eunuch Of The Western Palace
  9. The Tongfather
  10. World War Of Fung Fu
  11. The Man From Hong Kong
  12. Con El Odio En El Piel
  13. Black Samurai
  14. Force Four
  15. Force Five
  16. Sister Street Fighter
  17. Golden Needles
  18. Mitchell
  19. Maniac Cop 2 (French version)
  20. The Mad Adventures Of "Rabbi" Jacob
  21. Partners
  22. Amuck!
  23. Big Guns
  24. Mr No Legs
  25. Lola's Mistake
  26. Nightmare Honeymoon
  27. Don't Answer The Phone!
  28. The Scaremaker
  29. The Mutations
  30. Deranged
  31. Shoot
  32. Dead End Drive-In
  33. Who Saw Her Die?
  34. Amin: The Rise And Fall
  35. H.O.T.S.
  36. The Beach Girls
  37. Nudes On Tiger Reef
  38. The Boob Tube
  39. Northville Cemetery Massacre
  40. Amazing Grace
  41. The Lawyer
  42. The Electric Chair
  43. Women In Cell Block 7
  44. Penitentiary
  45. Thunder Cops
Extras (not with DD):
  • Audio commentary by curators Lars Nilsen and Zack Carlson.
  • Interview with Joe Dante (13min).
  • Behind the Scenes at AGFA(4,5min).
  • Trailers for TW and other DH releases.
  • Easter egg.
Audio is pretty scratchy at times. Very little work went into restoration of audio.