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Trailer-Rama, Volume 1 (DVD-R)

Released by: After Midnight Video (No website)
Release date: 2006

Duration: 116 minutes

Video: 4:3, colour and black/white
Audio: 2.0 Mono, English
Subtitles: none

Region: 0 (NTSC)

Note from the distributor:
Come back to the Drive-In and Grindhouse! Spanning the '40s to the 80's, here are some great movie previews and TV spots for many favorite and rare movies!
  1. The 30 foot bride of candy rock
  2. Astounding she monster
  3. Big bus
  4. Billy the kid vs Dracula
  5. Jesse James meets Frankenstein’s daughter
  6. Blue water white death
  7. Boy who cried werewolf
  8. Buck Rogers
  9. Bug
  10. Can’t stop the music
  11. Mysterious island of Captain Nemo
  12. Cat o’nine tails
  13. Chatterbox
  14. Chiller carnival of blood
  15. Chosen survivors
  16. Circus of horrors
  17. Conquest of the planet of the apes
  18. Creature from black lake
  19. Daddy’s gone a hunting
  20. Dead of night
  21. Deep thrust
  22. Dolemite
  23. Dr. Goldfoot and the girl bombs
  24. Dracula A.D. 1972
  25. Drive in
  26. Empire of the ants
  27. Evil toons
  28. Fahrenheit 451
  29. Flash Gordon (1980)
  30. Food of the gods
  31. Galaxina
  32. Giant spider invasion
  33. Ghidrah
  34. Girly
  35. Grasshopper
  36. Gymkata
  37. Homebodies
  38. Hot rods to hell
  39. House that dripped blood
  40. House where death lives
  41. Humanoids from the deep
  42. Inframan
  43. Intermission
  44. Jennifer
  45. King Kong (1976)
  46. Laserblast
  47. Legend of Boggy Creek
  48. Let’s scare Jessica
  49. Lobsterman from Mars
  50. Lost world (1959)
  51. Love at first bite
  52. Madhouse
  53. Manson
  54. Mark of the vampire
  55. Message from space
  56. Night of 1000 cats
  57. Night of the blood beast
  58. Night of the witches
  59. Phase IV
  60. Private parts
  61. Psychic
  62. Psychos in love
  63. Scalps
  64. Screams of winter night
  65. Shockwaves
  66. Spooks run wild
  68. Stanley
  69. Stranger and gunfighter
  70. Summer school teachers
  71. Tentacles
  72. Three avengers
  73. THX-1138
  74. Tommy
  75. Vigilante
  76. War of colossal beast
  77. Werewolf vs. vampire
  78. Wicked wicked
  79. Willard and Ben
  80. Women in cages
  81. Zaat
  82. Zone troopers
  • None.
Limited to 500.
Released on DVD-R.

  • There are none. If you have one, let me know!
How to get it:
Contact Vince Cornelius:

Trailer Trash (DVD-R)

Released by: The Chucky Lou A/V Club []
Release date: 2004

Duration: ? minutes

Video: 4:3 (mix of fullscreen and letterbox), colour and black/white
Audio: 2.0 Mono, English
Subtitles: none

Region: 0 (NTSC)

Note from the distributor:

  1. All This And World War II
  2. Blacula
  3. Lola
  4. Sister Street Fighter
  5. Mad Machine
  6. The Wonderful Land of Oz
  7. Big Dog Lost
  8. Bless the Beasts And Children
  9. Prelude To Happiness
  10. The Diary Of Knockers McCalla
  11. The Street Fighter’s Last Revenge
  12. The Amazing Dr. Chicken
  13. ABBA: The Movie
  14. Bummer
  15. The Touchables
  16. Teenage Gang Debs
  17. The Girl, The Body And The Pill
  18. The Switcheroo
  19. The Bodyguard
  20. Real Life
  21. Stunt Rock
  22. Can Hieronymous Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness?
  23. Use The Back Door
  24. Seven Brothers Meet Dracula
  25. Kiss The Girls And Make Them Die
  26. The Molesters
  27. The Candy Snatchers
  28. The Telephone Book
  29. Voodoo Heartbeat
  30. Exorcist II: The Heretic
  31. Devil Woman
  32. Bruka: Queen of Evil
  33. The Sin Syndicate
  34. Olga’s Dance Hall Girls
  35. The Wild
  36. World Of Batwoman
  37. Sweet Sugar
  38. The Sadist
  39. Movie Star American Style, or LSD I Hate You
  40. Musical Mutiny
  41. Zabriskie Point
  42. Dolemite
  43. Coonskin
  44. Jonathan Livingston Seagull
  • A Personal Greeting from Mr. Dom DeLuise
  • Short educational film: "Chucky Lou: The Story of a Woodchuck" (7 min)
Limited to 500.
Released on DVD-R.

How to get it:
Contact Gary Huggins:
or check out the Trailer Trash promo site

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Trailers From Hell


Shout! Factory:

About the company:
Any movie can be great at 2 1/2 minutes!
Trailers -- you know -- those fast-paced 2-to-4 minute theatrical promo shorts that have preceded the Feature Attraction since the dawn of sound? An exciting montage of all The Best Parts of a movie the exhibitors want you to NEED to see! Full of swirling letters screaming hyperbolic promises of THRILLS! ACTION! MYSTERY! ROMANCE! Packing all the highlights of a whole picture into its own mini-movie in just a few minutes! 
TRAILERS FROM HELL is the brainchild of film director Joe Dante, new media entrepreneur Jonas Hudson, graphic artist Charlie Largent and producer Elizabeth Stanley. The series was born out of their mutual love of classic films of all types, but particularly horror and exploitation films.
Disks released:

  1. Trailers From Hell! Volume One [released by TFH]
  2. Trailers From Hell! Volume Two [released by Shout! Factory]
The first volume was released by TFH themselves, but the second is coming from Shout! Factory. I find it most practical to list all disks under the same banner here, and not separate them.

    Passport Video


    Official: none.

    About the company:

    Nothing. The company is no longer doing business.
    Disks released:
    1. Film Collection: Katharine Hepburn
    2. Film Collection: Charles Bronson
    3. Film Collection: Gregory Peck
    4. Film Collection: James Coburn
    5. Grampa's Monster Movies
    6. Destination Earth: Alien Invaders
    7. Destination Outer Space

    Montreal Film Studio


    Official: (seems to be closed down)
    Facebook page for the trailerseries:

    About the company:
    Nothing on their website. However, they have released an pretty big collection in a short time.
    Disks released:
    1. Fantastic Movie Trailers [v1]
    2. Fantastic Movie Trailers (Extended 2nd edition)
    3. Fantastic Movie Trailers 2: The Sequel!  [v1]
    4. Fantastic Movie Trailers 2: The Sequel! (2nd edition)
    5. Fantastic Movie Trailers 3: Midnight Madness
    6. Fantastic Movie Trailers 4: Encore
    7. Fantastic Movie Trailers 5: Midnight Madness 2
    8. Fantastic Movie Trailers 6: VHS Rewind!
    9. Fantastic Movie Trailers 7: Drive-In Frenzy!
    10. Fantastic Movie Trailers 8: VHS Rewind! Tape 2
    11. Fantastic Movie Trailers 9: Grindhouse Insanity
    12. The Best of Fantastic Movie Trailers
    13. Fantastic Movie Trailers 10: Midnight Madness 3
    14. Fantastic Movie Trailers 11: Hero Trash
    At first, the discs were only produced on demand (DVD-R), but as the catalog grew and the sales got higher MFS signed larger deals and are now selling to various retailers (retail DVD). Check before you buy. Amazon usually sells as DVD-R-on-demand I see.

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    Mad Ron's Prevues From Hell

    Released by: Virgil Films Entertainment (
    Release date: September 14th, 2010

    Duration: 82 minutes

    Video: 1.33:1, colour and black/white
    Audio: 2.0 Mono, English
    Subtitles: språk/none

    Region: 0 (NTSC)

    Note from the distributor:
    First time EVER on DVD! See the Virgil Films & Entertainment release of this critically acclaimed UNRATED horror movie trailer compilation, hosted by ventriloquist Nick Pawlow and his very dead zombie pal, Happy Goldsplatt. They are in the projection booth of an old movie house, entertaining a theater-full of Happy's zombie ghoul-friends, with a hand-picked selection of 47 of the rarest, bloodiest and goriest horror/action movie trailers, ever assembled! The trailers are being presented by the drooling half-wit, cannibal projectionist, Mad Ron, who, for safety reasons is chained between the projectors! Watch as the ravenous film-going flesh-eaters devour everything and everyone in sight! Hardcore horror fans will delight in the most entertaining movie trailers ever put on video! Spectacular makeup and makeup effects are done by Jay Kushwara (Millennium and TV's Monsters) and Jordu Schell (Lead Character Designer for James Cameron's Academy Award winning epic Avatar)! See what happens when a film pirate tries to copy Mad Ron's films. You won't believe your eyes! Can you take it? We DARE you! This video is absolutely NOT for the squeamish!!
    1. I Drink Your Blood / I Eat Your Skin
    2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    3. Deranged
    4. Three on a Meathook
    5. The Corpse Grinders
    6. The Undertaker and His Pals
    7. Love Me Deadly
    8. Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things
    9. The Maniacs Are Loose (aka The Thrill Killers)
    10. Cannibal Girls
    11. Torso
    12. The Blood Spattered Bride / I Dismember Mama
    13. The Ghastly Ones
    14. The Wizard of Gore
    15. Beyond the Door
    16. Deep Red
    17. Sisters
    18. The Devil's Nightmare
    19. The House of Exorcism (aka Lisa and the Devil)
    20. Lady Frankenstein
    21. Flesh Feast
    22. Tales From the Crypt
    23. The Vault of Horror
    24. Horror of the Zombies (aka The Ghost Galleon)
    25. Bloodeaters
    26. Revenge of the Living Dead / Curse of the Living Dead / Fangs of the Living Dead
    27. The Diabolical Dr. Z
    28. Africa Blood and Guts (aka Africa Addio)
    29. Night of Bloody Horror
    30. Silent Night, Evil Night (aka Black Christmas)
    31. The Mutations (aka The Freakmaker)
    32. The House That Screamed
    33. Blood and Lace
    34. Two Thousand Maniacs
    35. Night of the Living Dead
    36. God Told Me To
    37. Horror on Snape Island (aka Tower of Evil)
    38. Wildcat Women (aka Black Lolita)
    39. Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS
    40. Man From Deep River
    41. The Last House on the Left
    42. Carnage (aka Twitch of the Death Nerve)
    43. Color Me Blood Red
    44. Mad Doctor of Blood Island
    45. Silent Night, Bloody Night
    46. Bloody Pit of Horror
    47. Night of the Bloody Apes
    • Promotional Trailers for Mad Ron's Prevues From Hell
    • Gory trailer for: Blood Feast
    • TV spot for: Legend of the Wolf Woman
    • Hellacious Movie Poster Gallery
    • Fiendish Behind The Scenes
    • Bloopers: Sinister On-Set Hijinx
    • Photo Gallery From Hell Two Easter Eggs
    Transfer is bad, and looking like a VHS-transfer.


    Coming Distractions

    Released by: Troma Entertainment, Inc (
    Release date: April 27th, 2004

    Duration: 240 minutes

    Video: 1.33:1, colour
    Audio: 2.0 Mono, English
    Subtitles: språk/none

    Region: 1 (NTSC)

    Note from the distributor:
    This entertaining collection of 70-plus theatrical trailers for movies produced by Troma — a studio synonymous with gratuitous nudity, outrageously campy horror and more — assembles previews of such cinematic masterpieces as The Toxic Avenger. Additional trailers include Bloodsucking Freaks, Class of Nuke’ Em High and Sgt. Kabukiman, N.Y.P.D. which features the famous exploding blue car used in countless subsequent productions!

    1. # Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV
    2. # Cannibal! The Musical
    3. # Terror Firmer
    4. # The Toxic Avenger Part III
    5. # Bloodsucking Freaks
    6. # Tromeo & Juliet
    7. # The Toxic Avenger
    8. # The Stendhal Syndrome
    9. # Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D.
    10. # Horror Comedy
    11. # Beware! Children at Play
    12. # Def by Temptation
    13. # Killer Condom
    14. # Legend of the Chupacabra
    15. # Medley
    16. # Rabid Grannies
    17. # Redneck Zombies
    18. # Sucker
    19. # Chillers
    20. # Scream Baby Scream
    21. # Love Thrill Murders
    22. # Zombie Island Massacre
    23. # Curse of the Cannibal Confederates
    24. # The Newly Deads
    25. # Tales From the Crapper
    26. # Parts of the Family
    27. # Evil Clutch
    28. # Maniac Nurses
    29. # Angel Negro
    30. # Igor and the Lunatics
    31. # Girl School Screamers
    32. # Comedy
    33. # Buttcrack
    34. # Cry Uncle
    35. # Fatty Drives the Bus
    36. # Blonde's Have More Guns!
    37. # Eve's Beach Fantasy
    38. # The First Turn On!
    39. # Sizzle Beach U.S.A.
    40. # Squeeze Play!
    41. # Stuck on You!
    42. # Teenage Catgirls in Heat
    43. # Waitress!
    44. # When Nature Calls
    45. # Class of Nuke 'Em High
    46. # Class of Nuke 'Em High 2
    47. # Class of Nuke 'Em High 3
    48. # Femme Fontaine: Killer Babe for the C.I.A.
    49. # Sugar Cookies
    50. # Video Vixens
    51. # Bugged!
    52. # Decampitated
    53. # The Battle of Love's Return
    54. # Action
    55. # The Chosen One
    56. # Combat Shock
    57. # Dog Years
    58. # Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell
    59. # The Rowdy Girls
    60. # Superstarlet AD
    61. # They Call Me Macho Woman
    62. # Wizard of the Demon Sword
    63. # Star Worms 2
    64. # Surf Nazi's Must Die
    65. # Troma's War
    66. # Lust for Freedom
    67. # Femme Fontaine: Killer Babe for the C.I.A.
    68. # Back Road Diner
    69. # The Toxic Avenger Part II
    70. # Jefftowne
    71. # Apocalypse Soon
    72. # Farts of Darkness
    73. # All the Love You Cannes!

    # Documentary
    # Toxie's Shorts
    # Radiation March
    # Soul of Troma
    # Seeing Red
    # Rashomoron
    # Troma Dance
    # Masturbation PSA
    # The Torture King
    # Luna Chics
    # The Ultimate Tromette: Tiffany
    # Hampster PSA
    # Who Killed Toxie?


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    DVD Companies: 1 release

    These companies have one release each, so I haven’t bothered to make a company page for them. Only companies with more than one release will get a page.